Live Streaming & Broadcast

Live Streaming & Broadcast

When it comes to live events, Tiny Giants AV is experienced and ready to help you realise your vision. Having worked with brands like Tik Tok, Pfizer, Git hub, Hillsong and more, TGAV enables clients to push the creative and collaborative limits for their global audiences. Schools, corporations and other organisations benefit from our comprehensive service offering while gaining experience in this ever-growing live streaming space.

With our combined background experience in television as well as digital first platforms, Tiny Giants AV & Tiny Giants Co work hand in hand to realise all the creative possibilities for live events and content creation. It's our personal understanding that sets us apart from your standard AV production company.

  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Camera Crew
  • Equipment
  • Show calling
  • IT stream management
  • OB trailer packages
  • Creative content

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We customise specific solutions to elevate your platform and stream seamlessly to your audience

Live Streaming & Broadcast

Organisations big and small are discovering the opportunities available to them through live event streaming. What was historically considered a luxury, is fast becoming a necessity. Whether a live concert, online conference or an internal town hall, Tiny Giants AV can help clients bring a level of professionalism once reserved only for the worlds largest broadcast events. We can even help you try before you buy for those wanting to explore a more permanent installation for their organisation. By running a live production through TGAV you can deliver a proof of concept helping make the case for permanent installation in the future.